One of the benefits of blockchain is its transparency and openness. This means that any payments made by Etherum are publicly visible and all Ether transactions can be viewed on Etherscan.


Once you make your payment by clicking the Order Button, you will be taken away from our website to a third party payment gateway. Part of the payment process will require you enter your payment Transaction ID. You may well find this is difficult to locate, therefore if you click on the link below you will be taken to our public record on Etherscan and your payment will show there. The Transaction ID (Txn Hash) will be on the left of the screen.

You need to copy this Transaction ID into the form on Step 2 – Otherwise you will not be able to submit your payment confirmation form

Action 1 – Click here to open the Etherscan page for Etherscan Transaction ID

Action 2 – Click here to return to the checkout page and complete your payment Checkout