To be a global leader in the development of Blockchain SaaS applications, products and to build the world’s largest decentralised data storage system giving everyone access to safe data storage.


‘To be a world-leading provider of technology products, Blockchain SaaS applications and Blockchain Data Storage, and life-changing developer of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things’


  • Being ethical, honourable, and full of integrity by being accountable to each other for Not imposing a hierarchy but valuing individuality
  • Having an open and honest culture to be able to be challenged by listening to other points of view and accepting the challenge as a positive step to making the company better
  • Having clear lines of communication between different teams by appointing team captains to represent the opinions of their team
  • Always striving to go from being merely competent to becoming exceptional by exploring different and better ways of doing things
  • Being intentional by knowing the products, markets, values, goals and strengths and weaknesses and always pushing the boundaries that define a traditional company
  • Helping others by developing innovative products and applying our values inside and outside our company
  • Having a ‘Can Do’ attitude by displaying positivity and working to develop products that currently do not exist
  • Being consistent by following our Mission Statement and Values and bearing the Business Plan in mind at all times
  • Having the courage to change things that are working by constant reviewing and reflecting on processes.

$14.5 billion: A data-center-in-a-box? That’s the idea behind the microdata centre (a self-contained, stand-alone rack-level system for the edge). Such micro data centres are an emerging component of the edge ecosystem, and the market for them will leap from $3 billion in 2018 to nearly $15 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights report.