This web site provides information about our Token listing, set for Q1 2024, and the whitepaper sets out  how we can use our technology on a global scale for the benefit of all industry and sectors, and how we will initially concentrate on developing the existing six years of research into marketable products, with emphasis on the technology projects we are currently in the process of finalising.

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Today’s society is hampered by legacy systems and a fearful mindset of change. This leads to ‘more of the same’ with no real thought process given to how leaner, greener and efficient systems can provide significant benefits to future-proof the next generation of technology.

Yotta Laboratories solution is through the research and development we have undertaken in new emerging technologies of Web 3.0 The research now provides the opportunity to take our R&D to market through our platform and the products and services we have developed.

Global opportunity is immense. We have an extensive network of Government authorities through the work we have been doing with the UK Department of Industry and Trade and the Ambassador/High Commission network.

Yotta Laboratories are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities now available in a global marketplace which is now starting to realise the benefits of how technology can not only improve lives but also have a positive impact on the environment.